Dan Biggar: Jacques Brunel says Wales fly-half would miss match under French rules icon
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From Gareth Griffiths
BBC mansionbet sport Wales at Oita
France coach Jacques Brunel says Wales fly-half Dan Biggar wouldnt be permitted to play beneath concussion principles in the Top 14 league of French rugby in the World Cup quarter-final.
Biggar is fit for Wales to play France on Sunday.
Everyone chooses their responsibilities, said Brunel.
[In] the French 14, under FFR rules, sustaining two concussions automatically means out three weeks using the protocol applied there.
Brunel added:He wouldnt have been in a position to play. Thats all I must say about this
Brunel was reacting to queries about ex-Wales and Biggar captain Sam Warburton for not shooting concussion 21, recently criticising rugby.
The Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) had previously stressed that Biggar had beensymptom-free and had been cleared by an independent expert after departure return-to-play protocols.
Even the 30-year-old failed a head injury examination after taking a blow in Waless 29-25 win over Australia on 29 September, but has been passed to play Fiji 10 days afterwards.
But he also suffered a horrible aerial crash using team-mate Liam Williams during the match in Oita and had to leave the area more.
Nine days on, the WRU published a statement outlining the processes Biggar had gone before being passed fit.
Brunel claims France wont be singling out Biggar for any therapy.
Were not going to target him at all, explained Brunel.
I found out yesterday that he was planning to playwith.
We werent going to concentrate on Biggar or on any other participant in particular. It is more the team and its ability to use pressure that disturb us.
France have made five changes.
Scrum-half Antoine Dupont was troubled by a back problem, but will take his place.
The side includes 14 players in their opening win against Argentina.
The negative of brunel shows six changes in the team that lost 24-19 to Wales in the Six Nations in February.
Full-back Maxime Medard is also the sole survivor from the group that beat against Wales from the 2011 World Cup semi-final in Auckland.
France: Medard; Penaud, Vakatawa, Fickou, Huget; Ntamack, Dupont; Poirot, Guirado (capt), Slimani, Le Roux, Vahaamahina, Lauret, Ollivon, Alldritt.
Replacements: Chat, Baille, Setiano Picamoles Lopez, Rattez.
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